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Project Cargo Logistics

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Moving cargo of more than 100 tons across the state or across the country?

Stop adding layers of costs using third-party logistics. Simplify. Go with a "one-party logistics" provider — Barnhart.

In North America, no other company can match Barnhart's resume of experience, equipment and geographic footprint to provide a full range of logistics and rigging services. Barnhart will save you time, money and provide ease of mind. Using innovative heavy haul systems, barge or rail we can handle the move, but if you need heavy storage, we can meet that demand at one of our many branches or marine terminals. Our "Anchor to Anchor Bolts" process can take your heavy cargo all the way from port of entry to erection at its destination. Stop adding layers of costs. Simplify. Go with Barnhart.

Comprehensive Logistics Services:

  • Heavy haul
  • Turnkey rail, land, and water transportation services
  • Barge roll on/roll off
  • Marine logistics
  • Specialized rail services
  • Specialized transformer transportation
  • Transportation feasibility studies
  • Heavy industrial warehousing with rail and water access
  • Reliable river train service

Comprehensive Equipment Fleet:

  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)
  • Electronic Steer Platform Trailers (PSTe)
  • Self-Loading Girder Systems
  • Dual Lane systems to 800,000-pound payload
  • Memphis Heavy Lift Terminal featuring 1,250-ton Derrick Crane
  • 400-ton Heavy Lift Floating Crane
  • Chicago Heavy Lift Terminal

The Barnhart Advantage

Eliminate Delays

One of the benefits of Barnhart's coast-to-coast network is our deep knowledge of state and federal regulations in all 50 states. Our specialists have the resources and personal contacts to help you navigate the varying DOT rules, regulations and permitting processes across the U.S.

Streamlined Processes

One call gives you access to a team of experts and engineers that knows the best methods to mobilize and perform heavy lift projects — anywhere in the U.S.

Equipment Network

Barnhart has one of the largest crane inventories in North America. When our inventory is combined with our national network of branches and other rigging tools, there are very few jobs we can't handle.

Lower Mobilization Costs

Our branch network allows us to station cranes across the U.S. This decentralized approached could lead to significant reductions in the cost to mobilize a large crane for your project.

Gulf Coast to Great Lakes Express

Barnhart's unique capabilities include an innovative solution that can save you time and money in getting over-dimensional cargo from the Gulf to the Great Lakes...and beyond.

Simplified Logistics

Instead of having to deal with multiple companies to coordinate the movement of project cargo across barge, over-the-road and rail, Barnhart not only manages, but also owns the needed transportation assets, giving you more efficient cost controls and one bill from one company.


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Energy Tower Haul

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Surge Tank Haul and Set

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Tower Transport

Four Texas Towers in Italy needed to be delivered to Illinois. The towers, 87’ long and weighing up to 325,000 lbs., were barged to the Port of Marghera

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