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Super Bowl XLVI and the Importance of Innovation

After the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, many Patriot fans – including Tom Brady’s wife – complained about New England’s lack of innovation and execution.  Still yet, maybe the loudest complaint about the game was the lack of tremendously creative TV ads during the game as compared to years past.

So, in honor of Super Bowl innovation and creativity, we wanted to highlight one of the most famous Super Bowl commercials of all time: Apple’s 1984 debut of Macintosh.

What many deem to be one of the best commercials of all time introduced the first commercially successful personal computer that featured a mouse and a graphical user interface. The product single-handedly revolutionized the computer industry.

Although we may have not created anything of the same magnitude as the first successful graphic-based operating system, Barnhart admires the innovative spirit of Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc., as innovation is a core value of Barnhart Crane & Rigging.

Our devotion to innovation has led us to some great inventions in the heavy equipment world: the modular lift tower and the new WesTrac trailer. On top of that, our business innovations, such as our comprehensive transportation logistics and in-house engineering team, have made us a market leader in the heavy industry.

So, we salute those whose tirelessly innovative spirit transformed the nature of their industry.

In case you forgot, we made it into last year’s Super Bowl commercial lineup, although not on purpose. Read more.