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Barnhart, in a partnership with a leading barge company, is offering customers a unique service called the River Train along the navigable U.S. river systems.

Using a fleet of 3000 hopper barges, Barnhart can transport nearly any oversized project cargo of 150 tons or greater.  This type of cargo can be a logistical nightmare to transport over land.

One of the key advantages of the River Train is its flexibility and different levels of service.  The River Train has regular departures and destinations, plus tracking and delivery.

“We call it the Fedex on the waterways, in that we can get it there when you need it to fit your schedule and your needs.  Standard delivery, Express or Premium, ” says John Mickler, national logistics development manager for Barnhart.

Another advantage of the River Train is that it’s less expensive than dedicated line service. Plus, a customer benefits from Barnhart’s network of services, including their engineering teams and infrastructure.

Most of Barnhart’s offices are located near ports and waterways, enabling them to provide more efficient turnkey “Anchor to Anchor Bolts” services.  This availability of equipment and expertise means Barnhart can easily mobilize the resources needed to offload the cargo, transport it to the delivery site and rough set it on the foundation.

For more information on the River Train service contact Evan Bradley at 251-706-8745.