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Machinery Moving

For our Experts and Equipment, No Job is Too Big or Too Small.

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Barnhart has both the expertise and specialized equipment to move heavy equipment safely, efficiently and in a timely manner.


Specialized Equipment Utilized

For our heavy machinery moving services, we use the most advanced equipment including:

  • Forklifts from 3,000- to 120,000-pound capacities
  • Specialized forklift attachments for difficult machines and plants
  • Air Skates
  • Cantilever Systems
  • Mini slide system
  • Baby Gantry

The Challenge of Heavy Equipment Moving

When it comes to the challenge of moving heavy equipment, the hint is in the word "heavy." Shifting oversized equipment is no easy task, but it is one that we are up to. The size and weight of loads or items like these make the handling of them a unique job.

This makes hiring professionals an essential part of the process, and you won’t find an equipment moving service that is more professional than Barnhart.

Barnhart is able to provide a plan and timetable that work with you, saving you as much time and money as possible and using the most advanced machinery moving equipment.

Take a heavy load off of your mind by letting us carry out these tough moves for you, and you will be back to work in no time, doing whatever it is that you do best.

Heavy Equipment Moving Services Offered

As expert heavy machinery movers, we are well equipped to handle any kind of heavy equipment moving service, such as:

  • Data Center Construction
    When it comes to constructing your new data center, we can help you with everything from walls and roof trusses to installation of back power generators and sensitive server systems. We will get your data center infrastructure set up and working in no time.
  • Automotive Press Moving
    Lifting safely and efficiently is an essential part of a successful business in the automotive manufacturing industry. Whether it is a screw press, stamping press, hydraulic forging press, mechanical press, compression molding press or hydro press, we have the inventory to handle any automotive press moving needs you may have.
  • Turnkey Plant Relocation
    With our machinery moving, rigging, crane service, transportation capabilities and location network from coast-to-coast, we having the ability to move any equipment anywhere.
  • Specialized Equipment Moving
    Some sensitive equipment have low tolerances and require extra care and attention when being moved or transported.  We have custom tools and solutions that can move the most sensitive machinery.
  • Emergency Services
    Sometimes it’s not the size of the equipment that’s a challenge but the urgency of the job.  No matter how big or small the piece of equipment, if you are in a tight spot and need machinery removed and replaced, give us a call.  We can help.

The Barnhart Advantage

Equipment Network

Barnhart has one of the largest crane inventories in North America. When our inventory is combined with our national network of branches and other rigging tools, there are very few jobs we can't handle.

Obstacles Are No Obstacle

Our alternative lifting and rigging tools minimize jobsite congestion to make it easier to move plant equipment in, out, up and around congested plant equipment - without modifying or removing existing structures.

Large Inventory

All of our specialist teams have access to one of the widest arrays of niche moving and rigging and machine moving equipment to get the job done.

Robust Safety Systems and Training Programs

Efficiency includes safety. Barnhart works hard to make sure that corners are never cut and everything arrives in the safest possible manner.

Advanced Equipment

We own all of our own equipment, which creates a much smoother experience -- fewer layers of bureaucracy and management, better communication, more intimate knowledge, lower costs -- and no middle man!

More Options

When determining the best option to move your heavy equipment, Barnhart will never be limited. Whether it is dual transporters or dolly rig systems, we can provide you with the ultimate choice of a wide variety of industrial equipment.


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