The Equipment And Expertise To Help Move Your Business Forward.

Moving a critical piece of heavy machinery is never as simple as "picking it up and moving it." Even when moving within a facility, it takes specialized equipment and the knowledge to ensure that neither the machinery nor the surroundings are damaged.

With Barnhart's heavy-duty forklifts, air casters, mini-gantry units, cantilever beams and other custom systems, plus our teams of specialists, you are assured of safe, efficient and cost effective machinery moving solutions.

With Barnhart, you get:

  • Press transportation and installation specialists
  • Turnkey plant relocation services
  • Transportation logistics services
  • Unique systems for installation of medical systems
    through upper building windows

Specialized Equipment:

  • Forklifts from 3,000 to 120,000 lb. capacities
  • Specialized forklift attachments for difficult machines and plants
  • Air Skates
  • Cantilever Systems
  • Mini slide system
  • Baby Gantry