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Petroleum Refining


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For the petroleum refining industry, time is money. Downtime is the enemy.

Barnhart's ability to minimize downtime, meet demanding construction schedules and, above all, do it with absolute safety, is why we have become known in the petrochemical industry as "go-to" problem solvers. Through our vast lifting and transportation resources, unrivaled national network, exceptional rigging and engineering capabilities and industry-leading safety practices, logistical challenges are turned into innovative solutions to reduce both cost and downtime.

Facilitating maintenance, outage & turnarounds with Remove & Replace

When a heavy component needs to be replaced, whether due to failure, plant modification or expansion, the challenge, particularly with tough-to-reach plant equipment in congested refineries, is to remove the old and replace with the new in a manner that emphasizes safety while minimizing cost, plant disruption and downtime. Barnhart's unique custom tools and industry-leading expertise make the seemingly impossible possible.

Crane service & specialized rigging for the most demanding jobs

In addition to a massive national fleet of heavy lift cranes and hydraulic truck cranes, Barnhart's vast array of rigging equipment includes specialized engineered tools to improve safety and efficiency. Tools such as movable cantilever beams that reduce manpower and time required to replace tube bundles or other equipment, and slide systems for removing heat exchangers, condensers, pumps, horizontal vessels and other hard-to-reach equipment in congested areas.

Exceptional planning expertise to reduce downtime

Barnhart's lifting and rigging expertise, combined with our knowledge and experience of the petroleum refining industry, can save time and money by more efficiently using the tools required to complete the outage. By getting our engineers and project managers involved at the earliest stages of planning shutdown activities, downtown can be reduced and the highest standards of safety and performance assured.

Comprehensive capabilities for any capital project

Whether a turnaround in a petrochemical refinery or construction of a new facility, Barnhart provides the total package of engineered lifts, heavy rigging expertise, heavy transport and port operations, broad nationwide network and comprehensive project management to facilitate the most demanding schedules, maximize efficiency and achieve a superior standard of quality that our customers have come to expect.


Oil Upgrade Project Project Image

Oil Upgrade Project

Barnhart provided a 260' by 72' wide heavy deck barge and tugs to receive 11 vessels from ship's gear at Nicholson Dock on the Detroit River.

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Precipitator Move Project Image

Precipitator Move

The ESPs were constructed on top of Barnhart's shoring girders, approximately 1/4 mile away from their installation point. This prevented not only

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Reactor Lift & Set   Project Image

Reactor Lift & Set

Barnhart's lift at an Illinois refinery involved a 1000-ton ULSD reactor--the sister reactor to one Barnhart also set in Texas. However, the Illinois

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Tower Remove and Replace Project Image

Tower Remove and Replace

During a turnaround at a refinery, Barnhart was tasked with removing and replacing a T-805 tower. Barnhart loaded the new T-805, which was located in the

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Boiler Remove and Replace  Project Image

Boiler Remove and Replace

Barnhart was hired to remove and replace a waste heat boiler in a hydrocracker unit at a refinery in California. The first step was to receive the new

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Vessel Haul Project Image

Vessel Haul

During an outage at a refinery in California, Barnhart completed a removal and replacement of seven old and seven new vessels that required hauling from

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Energy Tower Haul Project Image

Energy Tower Haul

Transporting heavy loads is nothing new for Barnhart, but a recent multi-state job was nearly one for the record books. Barnhart was hired to transport an

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Tower Transport Project Image

Tower Transport

Four Texas Towers in Italy needed to be delivered to Illinois. The towers, 87’ long and weighing up to 325,000 lbs., were barged to the Port of Marghera

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Heat Exchanger Removal and Replacement Project Image

Heat Exchanger Removal and Replacement

During an outage at a Texas refinery, Barnhart was asked to provide rigging systems and crew to remove and replace four heat exchangers. The exchangers

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Dismantling of Process Unit Project Image

Dismantling of Process Unit

A coker unit at a refinery in Kansas needed to be dismantled and a process area cleared to create space for a new unit.Due to its proximity to adjacent

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