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On-Site Heavy Haul

Mobilize our assets to your advantage.

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Moving large equipment in, through and around a plant often requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure the project is completed safely.

Barnhart has an ample supply of both, assuring you of minimum plant disruption and maximum uptime.

Moving over-dimensional cargo even a few feet can present significant challenges for your plant. And things certainly don't get any easier when moving through an entire facility. Space constraints, plant operations and safety are among several key factors to consider. Barnhart's superior network allows us to react swiftly with the equipment you need, and we are renowned for our innovative engineering solutions in moving super heavy components for a wide range of industries – power generation, petroleum refining, nuclear and others.

Innovative Equipment:


The Barnhart Advantage

Access to Massive Inventory

Barnhart gives you access to one of the largest platform trailer inventories in the world. This can mean a quicker response, lower mobilization cost and less chance of delays.

You're Set

With one call, not only can Barnhart engineer a plan to transport your component to and through your plant, but we have the capacity to lift and set your equipment as well.

Safe Passage

Moving critical plant equipment in, out, through and around sensitive operating areas comes from careful planning and a keen dedication to safety. Every move Barnhart makes starts with safety in mind.

Engineered For Success

Moving large equipment through an operating plant takes more than just the right trailer. Engineering is required to account for everything from ground bearing issues to load configuration. With Barnhart's specialized team of more than 50 engineers, we have you covered.

Advanced Equipment

We own all of our own equipment, which creates a much smoother experience -- fewer layers of bureaucracy and management, better communication, more intimate knowledge, lower costs -- and no middle man!

Over 50 Branches

Barnhart has one of the largest crane inventories in North America. When our inventory is combined with our national network of branches and other rigging tools, there are very few jobs we can't handle.


Vault & Reactor Transport and Set Project Image

Vault & Reactor Transport and Set

In a project that won the 2015 SC&RA Rigging Job of the Year Award for projects over $2 million, a waste vault and test reactor from a nuclear site in

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Emergency MPT Replacement Project Image

Emergency MPT Replacement

Barnhart received an emergency call from a nuclear station in the Midwest on a Saturday night about a failed Main Power Transformer (MPT). This required

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Transformer Roll Off  Project Image

Transformer Roll Off

Barnhart was hired to offload a 467,000 lbs. transformer from a ship at a port in California. The cargo, which was was sitting on stands in the cargo hold,

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Press Set Project Image

Press Set

An industrial site in Wisconsin needed a 185,000-pound press set inside one of its buildings. The press had been hauled to the site and set on a trailer.

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Tower Transport Project Image

Tower Transport

Four Texas Towers in Italy needed to be delivered to Illinois. The towers, 87’ long and weighing up to 325,000 lbs., were barged to the Port of Marghera

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Vessel Haul Project Image

Vessel Haul

During an outage at a refinery in California, Barnhart completed a removal and replacement of seven old and seven new vessels that required hauling from

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Goldhofer SPMT

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Dolly System

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Goldhofer PSTe

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