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Whether it is providing the right solution for a new construction project, emergency response for bridge replacement or repair for bridge maintenance projects, Barnhart has the experience and the tools to make a difference.

At Barnhart, we understand how important safe bridges are to a community's infrastructure - and to its ability to function. To meet this demand, we innovated solution-driven approaches such as our modular transportation and setting services that can significantly accelerate bridge construction and repair. Along with our advanced Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) tools, our highly experienced people provide engineering expertise for integrated planning needs and professional project management with proven results. All of this, plus our nationwide network of branches for better customer service and resources, is why Barnhart is recognized as a leader for innovative solutions in Accelerated Bridge Construction.


(Accelerated Bridge Construction)

  • Modular bridge placement using heavy lift cranes
  • Setting bridge sections using float in/out methods
  • Setting bridge sections using strand jacks
  • Launching bridge segments with PSTe
  • Bridge section placement with slide in/out methodology
  • Weighing services


  • Standard Bridge Jacking
    • Lifting & shifting bridge sections using hydraulic gantries
    • Synchronous bridge jacking
    • Weighing services
  • Emergency Response
    • Bridge removal using PSTe movement
      • Bridge removal using hydraulic gantries
      • Bridge removal using specialty rigging


Bridge Removal & Replacement Project Image

Bridge Removal & Replacement

The Barnhart team was contracted for the removal of the Hales Road Bridge over Metro-North Railroad in Westport, CT. The bridge was estimated to weigh 93k

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Rail Bridge Replacement Project Image

Rail Bridge Replacement

Two 100-year-old rail bridges needed to be removed in California. The first was 164 feet long and weighed 520,000 pounds. The second was 200 feet long with

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Bridge Girder Set Project Image

Bridge Girder Set

Barnhart was hired to set 21 bridge girders on three different spans on an interstate junction in Mississippi. Barnhart engineers developed an innovative

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Bridge Installation Project Image

Bridge Installation

Barnhart was hired to provide its Mini MOCCS for the installation of prefabricated bridge sections to create a pedestrian sidewalk under the Link Bridge in

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Bridge Replacement Project Image

Bridge Replacement

Barnhart was hired to replace six total bridge sections on I-95 in Warwick, Rhode Island. There were three northbound sections and three southbound

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Bridge Shoring Project Image

Bridge Shoring

Barnhart was hired by a nuclear client in California to come up with a solution to move a Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) from a decommissioned nuclear

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Surge Tank Haul and Set Project Image

Surge Tank Haul and Set

Barnhart was tasked with delivering a surge tank vessel from a fabricator in Paramount, California to Lake Mead, Nevada, a distance of 490 miles. The

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