Putting The Right Solution In Motion.

Moving over-dimensional superload project cargo across the country requires specialized equipment and knowledge. With Barnhart, you not only have access to one of the largest equipment inventories in the U.S., but also our unrivaled rigging expertise, in-depth knowledge of varying DOT rules, regulations and permitting processes across the U.S., and personal contacts with state and local agencies – all of which can eliminate hassle and help lower your overall cost.

Enhanced Heavy Haul Services:
  • Specialized Transformer Transportation
  • Transportation Feasibility Studies
  • Barge Roll On/Roll Off
  • Barge Service Logistics
  • Specialized Rail Services
Exceptional Equipment Inventory:
  • Dolly Transporters to 1,000 Tons
  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)
  • Electronic Steer Platform Trailers (PSTe)
  • Dual Lane Transporters - WesTrac/EasTrac

The Barnhart Advantage

Eliminate Delays

Hauling heavy, over-dimensional cargo through the maze of regulations, permitting issues, and aging infrastructure can be challenging. One of the benefits of Barnhart's coast-to-coast network is our intimate knowledge of varying state and federal regulations in all 50 states.

You Have Options

When determining the best option to haul your cargo across the state or country, Barnhart isn't limited by equipment choices. From dual-transporters to dolly rig systems, we have access to a wide variety of equipment options that best fit your needs.

Engineered to Meet Regional Standards

Because permitting requirements can change so dramatically from state-to-state and region-to-region, Barnhart has engineered, designed, and fabricated a variety of transportation systems that meet those standards.

Deal with the Owner

With Barnhart, there's no "middle man" between you and the equipment owner. We own all of our transport equipment, which means fewer layers of bureaucracy and management, more efficient processes, direct communication, and more intimate knowledge of the equipment – all of which can result in lower overall costs.


Over-the-Road Heavy Haul VIDEO