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Power Generation


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Barnhart is an industry leader in the transportation and erection of power generation equipment.

Our experience in hundreds of plant construction projects has allowed us to develop efficient and innovative solutions in the rigging and transportation of the major power plant components. The transportation and installation of components is time-critical for power plants. Large and heavy objects like turbines, generators and transformers require significant coordination and specialized expertise in order to maintain schedules and maximize plant uptime.


Life extension, uprates and major maintenance require the handling of major components within the plants. To perform this work during planned outages, a thorough knowledge of major construction techniques is required. Barnhart has developed unique tools and methods to perform the movement and installation of major equipment. These tools, along with our vast experience, provide peace of mind that we will meet and exceed expectations for schedule and safety.


Rigging supervision, lift planning, site transportation services, crane services and more can be provided through our team of professional supervisors, engineers and project managers. The expertise of Barnhart helps insure the safety, quality and timely completion of plant outages. Additionally, we are often called upon to participate in the "Readiness Planning" of various operating plants. These plans serve to limit downtime during emergency outages by having in place engineering, rigging plans, transportation surveys and custom tools associated with critical components such as transformers, reactors and turbine rotors.

Barnhart's Extensive Capabilities Include:

  • Port facilities for equipment import and logistics
  • Heavy lift cranes to 1,760 tons
  • Engineered lift plans
  • Industrial warehousing and maintenance
  • Experience in time critical power plant outages
  • Construction of rail sidings, bypass bridges and custom bridge jumpers
  • Modular Lift Towers
  • Hydraulic Slide System to 1,000 Tons
  • Hydraulic gantries to 800 Tons
  • Customized transportation and lifting plans
  • Turnkey services from manufacturer to anchor bolts


Combined Cycle Construction Project Image

Combined Cycle Construction

As one of the leading companies providing heavy transportation and rigging for movement of the turbines, generators and boiler modules associated with

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Gas Turbine Generator Installation Project Image

Gas Turbine Generator Installation

Barnhart was contracted to provide rigging solutions to place equipment on the second story of a co-generation plant in Connecticut. There were numerous

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Generator Heavy Haul Project Image

Generator Heavy Haul

Barnhart was called in at the 11th hour to transport three combustion turbines and three combustion generators for a job in Tennessee. Barnhart originally

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Coal Car Positioner Rebuild Project Image

Coal Car Positioner Rebuild

Barnhart was hired to lift and transport a 75' long coal car positioner weighing 86,000 lbs. from its track to a secondary work site for a rebuild and set

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Transformer Roll Off  Project Image

Transformer Roll Off

Barnhart was hired to offload a 467,000 lbs. transformer from a ship at a port in California. The cargo, which was was sitting on stands in the cargo hold,

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Surge Tank Riser Repair Project Image

Surge Tank Riser Repair

Barnhart was hired to provide support for a surge tank riser during an outage at a hydroelectric plant in West Virginia. The site was at the end of a

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Chiller Removal and Replacement Project Image

Chiller Removal and Replacement

Barnhart was contacted to provide a rigging solution for the removal and replacement of three 2,500 pound chiller units on the #3 turbine at a

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Fan Rotor Removal and Replacement Project Image

Fan Rotor Removal and Replacement

Barnhart was hired to remove and replace a fan rotor at a power plant in Tennessee. Challenges included overhead obstructions and a 60’ wide plant piping

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Transformer Transport Project Image

Transformer Transport

An electric company in Arkansas approached Barnhart about receiving an 111,000-pound transformer from a third party and hauling it to a new substation. The

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Major Outage Project Image

Major Outage

Barnhart's West Monroe, LA office received a contract to provide around-the-clock crane services during a major outage at a combined cycle power plant in

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Scrubber Housing Reinforcement Project Image

Scrubber Housing Reinforcement

Barnhart was contacted by a power plant with an emergentneed for a high-capacity structural support for its scrubberunits. Significant degradation of

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