Goldhofer SPMT

Transportation Systems
Barnhart has a complete fleet of Goldhofer hydraulic platform trailers. This type of trailer is the leader in moving heavy loads. The modular nature of the systems allows for unlimited configurations by adding axles (or lines) to the length and width of the trailer. In addition to the use of the 3m deck standard axles, Barnhart employs the use of "split" trailer to allow the use of three file (1.5 wide) and four file (double wide) configurations. Combined with Goldhofer accessories and custom Barnhart tools, the system makes easy work of heavy transport.
  • Over 120 lines available across the Eastern US
  • Bolsters for self supporting loads such as pressure vessels
  • Suspension girders for concentrated loads such as generators and turbines
  • Drop decks, length spacers and load distribution platforms available
  • Hybrid systems combined with hydraulic dollies for restricted bridges
  • Synchronized self propelled units for wide structures
The systems are available in standard, one and 1/2, and double-wide configurations.

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