To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, August is the cruelest month, that is, when it comes to hurricanes.  Just take a look at some of the more damaging hurricanes in the past 50 years:

  • Hurricane Katrina – August 29, 2005
  • Hurricane Andrew – August 24, 1992
  • Hurricane Camille – August 17, 1969

So as Tropical Storm Isaac spins toward the Gulf of Mexico, we take it seriously.  Not only because it’s August, but because Gulf Coast dwellers know that even  “small” hurricanes can cause devastating damage and loss of property and lives.  Continue reading

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The Future of Cranes: Rocket Power?

Imagine a future with cranes that harness the power of rockets to do their work. If you think it sounds like a bad plot from a space-era science fiction novel, you aren’t far from the truth. In fact, NASA used a rocket-powered crane when it landed the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars on August 5. The rocket-powered Sky Crane was the solution for a huge engineering problem that is literally out of this world.  Continue reading

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In keeping with Barnhart Crane’s commitment to safety, quality service and continuous improvement, join us for the webinar:

How to Determine Stability for Rigging, Heavy Haul, & Construction Activities

August 2, 2012
11 AM CT

Through the discussion of practical examples in this course, participants will develop an understanding of stability limits for various systems. Plus, the first 25 to register and attend get a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s classic book, The Tipping Point.   Continue reading

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City of Southaven “raising the roof” at Snowden Grove Amphitheatre

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee


(WMC-TV) – Some big name acts are calling for some big time changes at a Southaven concert venue.

Country music star Brad Paisley is just one of the household names that will be using the Snowden Grove Amphitheatre in Southaven this year.

But city officials say artists have complained that the venue is a little small for some of their displays, so now the city is raising the roof, not only to increase space, but also interest.

Continue reading

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The Dallas Cowboys’ Scoreboard Effect

In Good to Great, Jim Collins postulates that an organization should limit its growth to its ability to attract enough of the right people.  I love reading statements like that, swallowing them hook, line, and sinker and then move on only to find that the more difficult task than orchestrating growth is defining “enough” and “right.”  Thankfully, Collins also has some wisdom to share on the definition of “right.”  The right people:

  1. Share the organization’s Core Values
  2. Have responsibilities, not a job
  3. Do what they say
  4. Are self-managed
  5. Have a Passion for the organization’s work
  6. Have a window and mirror maturity

Continue reading

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The topic of stability is one that we rarely consider or discuss, but it is a reality that affects us every second of every day. If a lamp or a box fan falls over the consequences may be minimal.  More than likely we would just stand it back and make some intuitive adjustments to solve the problem.  However, the consequences of a heavy load falling over in a nuclear environment are obviously more severe and require more attention than just an instinctive feeling.

Join Barnhart Crane for a webinar that will turn those gut feelings into practical knowledge.

How to Determine Stability for Rigging, Heavy Haul, & Construction Activities
August 2, 2012
11 AM CT
Instructor:  Kevin Reynolds, Engineering Research and Development Manager, Barnhart Crane Continue reading

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On this 4th of July, families across America will gather for a day of picnics and parties featuring hot dogs and hamburgers and amazing nighttime displays of fireworks.

Speaking of hotdogs, another lesser-known staple of 4th of July celebrations is the annual Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest.   The event officially started on July 4th, 1972 at Nathan’s Famous original restaurant in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Coney Island and has been attracting audiences ever since. Continue reading

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Photo credit: Carolyn Cole Los Angeles Times

On June 15th, Nik Wallenda a seventh-generation circus performer, and scion of the famous Flying Wallendas crossed Niagara Falls on a two-inch wire, the first man to walk over the Niagara Gorge in 116 years.  Suspended 200 feet in the air, he made the walk in a little over 25 minutes. Continue reading

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The recent commencement speech given by English teacher David McCullough Jr. to the graduating class of Wellesley High School has ignited a firestorm of controversy with its simple message:

You are not special. You are not exceptional.

The speech has been both criticized for being mean-spirited and praised for being a wake up call to a generation of coddled and self-absorbed kids. For McCullough, it was his way of saying have realistic expectations, figure out your place in the universe and devote yourself to selflessness. Through selflessness, he states, comes the recognition that you’re not special, because everyone is. Continue reading

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Needle in a Haystack: Finding the Leaders for Specialized Heavy Industrial Contractors in light of changing regulatory forces

by Shaun A. Sipe, PE (SVP of Human Capital) and Gene Kaercher, Ph.D. (Director of Safety and Quality)

In the changing world of governmental regulations and industrial standards, specifically OSHA 1926 Subpart CC and ASME B30.5, the skill requirements for Field Leaders are more demanding than ever before. Moreover, the construction industry is facing the important reality that the Field Leaders with the most experience and the highest skill levels are preparing to leave the workforce in large numbers due to retirement. Coupled together, it would appear the coming crisis of lack of people seems to have already arrived. Aggravating the difficulty of meeting the need is the recent trend that young talent is not currently positioned to fill the voids, choosing other career paths than the historic crafts. A recent article cast light on the growing void: Continue reading

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