Working with Wind Turbines: Various Facts on the Wind Energy Market

Throughout our rich company history, Barnhart has worked in several different energy markets. From nuclear to coal, we’ve done jobs in almost every type of power plant.

Because of the rising demand for cleaner energy, lower costs of wind energy on the whole, and recent tax credits for wind turbine construction, Barnhart has spent significantly more time on wind turbine erection projects in the recent past.

As a result, we wanted to provide some various facts on the wind energy market. Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVI and the Importance of Innovation

After the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, many Patriot fans – including Tom Brady’s wife – complained about New England’s lack of innovation and execution.  Still yet, maybe the loudest complaint about the game was the lack of tremendously creative TV ads during the game as compared to years past.

So, in honor of Super Bowl innovation and creativity, we wanted to highlight one of the most famous Super Bowl commercials of all time: Apple’s 1984 debut of Macintosh. Continue reading

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Barnhart Unveils New Dual-Lane Transport System To Handle Loads of Up to 600,000 Pounds

At Barnhart, we are always looking for newer, more efficient ways to finish a job. In fact, it’s one of our core values.

The creative folks at Barnhart saw a pressing need for higher capacity transport on the West Coast that met stringent Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. That’s why we created the new WesTrac transportation. Continue reading

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Combined Cycle Power Plants – Condensate and Waterflow

A large part of Barnhart’s business includes heavy lifting and transport for power plants. From nuclear to coal, we have lifted and transported generators, feedwater heaters, transformers and more.

Unless you work in a power plant, most folks wouldn’t know a boiler from a super heater. Still yet, each power plant works somewhat differently depending on the type and fuel. Continue reading

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Barnhart Has Launched New Mobile Site

Like it or not we live in a mobile society.   Mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhones, Droids, and other tablets, are all designed to keep us moving ahead.


Study: Half of young people text and drive.

This on-the-go culture has tremendous upsides with a world-wide-web of information at anyone’s fingertips and at a moment’s notice. Of course, it also comes with a downside as the National Transportation Safety Board recently recognized this Tuesday and called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and text messaging devices while driving. Continue reading

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1.5 Million-Pound Lift: The Heavy Lift and Haul Project at a Michigan Refinery

Market: Refining

Location: Michigan

Project Dates: 04/2010 – 07/2011

refinery equipment heavy transport 1

The Challenge

A customer hired Barnhart to provide engineering, project management, supervision, craft, and equipment to transport and set more than 90 pieces of refinery equipment, weighing anywhere from 60,000 to 1,500,000 pounds. Continue reading

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Barnhart Transports 343,600-Pound, 150′ Long Chemical Reactor Over Mountains

Market: Heavy Haul

Location: North Carolina and Tennessee

Project Dates: 08/2011

heavy haul 3

The Challenge

A customer contracted Barnhart to transport a 150’ long, 343,600-pound chemical reactor vessel over a distance of 760 miles, which included travel through small towns and tight turns and traversing long bridges and steep mountains. Continue reading

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Safe, Reliable, and Cost-Effective: the Modular Lift Tower, Part III

In the two previous articles (Part I and Part II), we demonstrated the growing need for a lifting device that rivaled cumbersome heavy lift cranes. Barnhart’s engineers solved this problem by creating the highly versatile Modular Lift Tower (MLT).

modular lift tower 9

While this machine is highly effective in major lifts, its design is also intrinsically safe. Barnhart engineers, as always, made safety a priority from developing the concept of the tower to every lift it makes. The latest in computer modeling, frequent tests, and third party reviews have simply proved the MLT’s reliability and safety. Continue reading

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Versatility and Portability of the Modular Lift Tower, Part II

The brilliant engineers at Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co., headed by Chief Engineer Eric Barnhart, came up with the design for the Modular Lift Tower in the mid 1990’s. They simply sought a low-cost, safe, and highly versatile alternative to heavy lift cranes. They undoubtedly exceeded their goal with the debut of the Modular Lift Tower (MLT) in 1996.

modular lift tower 8

The beauty of Barnhart’s MLT lies in its almost unlimited heavy lifting capacity, its seemingly boundless versatility, and its highly efficient portability. Continue reading

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Engineering Promptly Finishes a Turbine and Generator Haul and Minimizes Transport Costs

Market: Power

Location: North Carolina

Project Dates: 03/2011

Turbine Generator Transport Haul 1

The Challenge

A customer contracted Barnhart to haul, lift, and set steam equipment after the project had already been started. Starting behind schedule forced the team to work quickly.

The Solution

Engineering meetings and prompt responses to customer requests kept the project on schedule, while their design for an adapter plate to combine the Marino girder/track to the Barnhart gantry track instrumentally minimized transport costs. Continue reading

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