‘Big Al’ handles a range of heavy lifting at the Port of Mobile, AL

Barnhart’s barge-mounted ‘Big Al’ lifts a lot of equipment used to upgrade the port cranes at the Port of Mobile in Alabama.

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The New York Times ran an article last week, profiling the replacement of a span of the River Street Bridge in Boston. What was remarkable about the project is that instead of taking two years, the replacement took place over a weekend.

The project was part of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Accelerated Bridge Program, designed to avoid months and years of driver detours while repair work takes place. Techniques for speeding bridge work have been utilized across the country.  But, according to the article, none of the techniques is quite as “eye-popping as heavy lift, when a hunk of bridge is simply picked up and put into place.”

That’s where Barnhart Crane comes in.  That “eye-popping” part.  Continue reading

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End of an Era?

The Space Shuttle Discovery landed in Washington, DC yesterday in preparation for going on display at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.  It is a big deal for guys like me who were moved to consider engineering as a result of seeing the Shuttle program as a twelve year old lad.  I watched a launch for the first time and thought “Whatever the job is that thinks about stuff like that, that is what I want to do.”  As it turns out, my thoughts were not unusual.  The generations of engineers before me were moved to study because of the race to space in the 50’s or the Gemini and Apollo programs of the 60’s.  My guess is that the next vehicle will motivate many more to consider engineering as a profession.

I will travel to DC soon and I will think about the job of moving the Shuttle into the display area because that’s what I do.  I work for a company who moves really big things.  Over my twelve year career with Barnhart, I have participated in many moves including a project at Kennedy Space Center working on the launch facility (Pad 39-A to be exact, where many-a-shuttle-mission began) lifting the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) weighing in at 10 million pounds.  I got to fulfill many boyhood dreams on that job:  I visited the Vehicle Assembly Building; watched the traveling city (The Multi-Launch Platform that carries the Shuttle to the launch pad); I got to touch the “skin” of the aircraft recognizing for the first time that the outer skin is a textile material; I touched the famous ceramic plates that make re-entry possible; I sat in the room where the astronauts enter the Shuttle.  I enjoyed every minute.

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The biggest news in golf this week came in the form of Bubba Watson, a self-taught pro from Bagdad, Florida who picked up the most coveted piece of apparel in golf, a green jacket from the Masters.

One key to his win was a bright pink driver.  So why was he toting that around?  Continue reading

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Laughing babies.  Frolicking kittens.  Teen singing sensations. This is YouTube’s stock in trade.  These videos attract millions of views and are forwarded to friends all over the globe for laughs and comments.

You might be surprised to know that Barnhart Crane has its own YouTube Channel.  We have videos too. Continue reading

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Another Combined Cycle Power Plant, Another Successful Lift

While the boom of gas fired power generation has ended, the demand for energy has not. As one of the leading companies providing heavy transportation and rigging for movement of the turbines, generators, and boiler modules found in power plants, Barnhart was called to Tallahassee to complete yet another combined cycle project. Continue reading

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Working with Wind Turbines: Various Facts on the Wind Energy Market

Throughout our rich company history, Barnhart has worked in several different energy markets. From nuclear to coal, we’ve done jobs in almost every type of power plant.

Because of the rising demand for cleaner energy, lower costs of wind energy on the whole, and recent tax credits for wind turbine construction, Barnhart has spent significantly more time on wind turbine erection projects in the recent past.

As a result, we wanted to provide some various facts on the wind energy market. Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVI and the Importance of Innovation

After the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, many Patriot fans – including Tom Brady’s wife – complained about New England’s lack of innovation and execution.  Still yet, maybe the loudest complaint about the game was the lack of tremendously creative TV ads during the game as compared to years past.

So, in honor of Super Bowl innovation and creativity, we wanted to highlight one of the most famous Super Bowl commercials of all time: Apple’s 1984 debut of Macintosh. Continue reading

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Barnhart Unveils New Dual-Lane Transport System To Handle Loads of Up to 600,000 Pounds

At Barnhart, we are always looking for newer, more efficient ways to finish a job. In fact, it’s one of our core values.

The creative folks at Barnhart saw a pressing need for higher capacity transport on the West Coast that met stringent Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. That’s why we created the new WesTrac transportation. Continue reading

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Combined Cycle Power Plants – Condensate and Waterflow

A large part of Barnhart’s business includes heavy lifting and transport for power plants. From nuclear to coal, we have lifted and transported generators, feedwater heaters, transformers and more.

Unless you work in a power plant, most folks wouldn’t know a boiler from a super heater. Still yet, each power plant works somewhat differently depending on the type and fuel. Continue reading

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